miércoles, 20 de julio de 2011

Are there plants on the moon?

Plants from another Galaxy (part IV)
We used spray paint on natural plants.

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flwrjane dijo...

In your universe, of course there are.

xo Jane


Bonitas creaciones, qunque las encentro algo invernales para esta época.


Alicia dijo...

Me encantan este tipo de plantas, flores que no son flores, tan perfectas!

anacraftsbcn dijo...

No se si estais al tanto, mirad esto... http://gangandthewool.com/2011/flowers-for-another-galaxy/Besos - Ana

shellie dijo...

if there were they would most certainly be these. Brilliant i love how you spray your flowers and such but then you already know how fantastic i think you all are!!!